Stop benchmarking your expression on the style of others. Class and success ARE not a brand name, a price tag nor what’s trending. DRESSCODE Boutique was created to assist you in OWNING YOUR beauty style by loving YOUR skin, YOUR size and all of YOUR natural gifts. Its all about wearing YOUR look rather than draping clothes over a mannequin. DRESSCODE wants to partner with you on a style journey of your own.

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DRESSCODE Boutique is an online shopping extravaganza for women, which specializes in empowering women to “decode” their own unique style. “Decode” captures the essence of “stepping outside of the box” of what has been deemed “appropriate fashion for the season and occasion”. It heralds the courageous, bold, confident yet humble, spirit of the woman that resides inside of YOU.

As the Creator and Founder of this boutique, it’s important to me that YOUR story be reflected in the attire presented. This venture is all about providing a platform, where YOUR journey and inner beauty is expressed and celebrated. DRESSCODE Boutique offers a twist on classic looks – timeless silhouettes, with a bit of edge and sex appeal. When a woman OWNS her look, she OWNS her confidence, and she OWNS her narrative.

We also provide a nurturing and encouraging environment in which women of all sizes, ages, races facing challenges in their life. We are a big champion of Breast Cancer awareness and raise funds every October in my mother's name, Annie Manning who made cancer live with her! She he passed away October 17th, 2005, so we offer women knowledge on early detection, celebrate survivors on this day! 
We have donated over $1000 of our sale proceeds to the fight. 

Please enjoy a special discount as you shop with us! Please use discount code: PC15 and take 15% off your purchases. There is no expiration date. We offer shipping or FREE in store pickup when you order online at dresscodebytmg.com.

Tanya Manning-Grant
Creator & Founder

DRESSCODE Boutique Inc.

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