About DRESSCODE Boutique :- 

DRESSCODE Boutique is an online shopping extravaganza for women, which specializes in empowering women to “decode” their own unique style. “Decode” captures the essence of “stepping outside of the box” of what has been deemed “appropriate fashion for the season and occasion”. It heralds the courageous, bold, confident yet humble, spirit of the woman that resides inside of YOU.

As the Creator and Founder of this online boutique, it’s important to me that YOUR story be reflected in the attire presented. This venture is all about providing a platform, where YOUR journey and inner beauty is expressed and celebrated. DRESSCODE Boutique offers a twist on classic looks – timeless silhouettes, with a bit of edge and sex appeal. When a woman OWNS her look, she OWNS her confidence, and she OWNS her narrative.

In affiliation with DRESSCODE Boutique, I introduce Ashton’s Corner. Inspired by my mother’s great legacy as a nurturer, my grandson has brought me joy and peace by reminding me to enjoy the small things in life, the little nuggets of blessings, which light the way of everything I do. His love of exploration and fearless engagement has fostered growth for this seed of inspiration, which occupied my heart for several years. Ashton’s Corner features a variety of stylish yet affordable casual, sporty and formal looks for the up and coming young man, ages 2T to 12.

My name is Tanya Manning-Grant, a woman, a Christian, a mother, a grandmother, the Creator of DRESSCODE Boutique and Ashton’s Corner.

Allow me to introduce myself. I have always enjoyed fashion and styling. As an undergrad, I majored in Fashion Merchandising and went on to obtain my Master’s degree, which led me to a career in Supply Chain Management, where I spent 30 years in corporate America. My most recent position was Managing Director, VP of Supply Chain. My education prepared me for building and managing businesses, as well as leading initiatives AND being a team player. The zeal for fashion and my eclectic style is something I was born with. The vision for this boutique has been nestled in my heart for a long time. During interaction with women from all walks of life, I have always been intrigued by the beauty and magnitude of diversity. Others have complimented me on my fashion choices, and I am so humbled because I find beauty in all women. Inner beauty has a unique script for everyone, and I want to help you write it.

Stop benchmarking your expression on the style of others. Class and success ARE not a brand name, a price tag nor what’s trending. DRESSCODE Boutique was created to assist you in OWNING YOUR beauty style by loving YOUR skin, YOUR size and all of YOUR natural gifts. Its all about wearing YOUR look rather than draping clothes over a mannequin. DRESSCODE wants to partner with you on a style journey of your own.

I AM a Stylist, I AM a Businesswoman, I AM a Supporter of Women, I AM a Woman of God, I AM the Owner & Creator of DRESSCODE Boutique/Ashton’s Corner.

I AM Tanya Manning-Grant.