How Can You Style Your Wardrobe With Black & White?

How Can You Style Your Wardrobe With Black & White?

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Elegant, timeless, and suitable for any occasion, black and white is a chic color combination featured in boutiques and fashion shows year-round. Add variety to your wardrobe with bold black-and-white looks. Here are a few fresh ways to dress up this classic look.

1. Add Some Texture

When you’re working with solids, flat and smooth fabrics can look a little bland. Texture contributes visual appeal and interest to even the most monochromatic outfits. Wearing pieces with ruffles, big bows, fabric weaves, embroidery, or textured fabrics like corduroy or suede could add the final touch you need to create an eye-catching look.

2. Layer Patterns & Solids

Fall fashion is all about cozy styles and layering. As you layer, mix black and white patterns with solids. Think color block sweaters over white collared shirts, solid jackets over patterned tops, and print blouses over solid camis. Layering patterns with solids allows you to balance style and comfort.

3. Choose Bold Prints 

If you’re dressing for an occasion boutiquewhere you want to stand out, embrace boldness and go all-out with striking black and white patterns and full prints. Choose strong geometric graphics, bold lines and curves, and prominent contrasts. Tone it down with a few solid accessories, such as black shoes, a belt, or jewelry. Rather than wearing one small statement piece to center your look around, your outfit will speak boldly on its own.

4. Build Contrast

One of the major benefits of buying black and white clothing at a boutique is that they are guaranteed to pair well with anything, but they are especially strong together. Even the simplest combinations of black and white will look classy. Wear a textured white blouse with a black skirt or pants, or a black top with white bottoms.

5. Dress Down

Do you love a dressy or fancy piece, but can’t find an occasion to wear it? You can dress down your favorite clothes with something casual to make an outfit for any occasion. Try pairing a beautiful black ruffled skirt with a white T-shirt, or tuck an elegant black-and-white print blouse into black jeans. 

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